Grand Tour 2020Edit

In 2018 it will be exactly ten years ago when a group of European cultural organizations started working together around climate change. To celebrate this anniversary Imagine 2020 invited me for a Grand Tour, visiting artists selected by the different organizations. In the spring of 2018 I will visit ten artists in the places where they live and work. This will bring me to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Paris, Riga and Zagreb. I will travel by train and bicycle. On this blog I will regularly post ideas, conversations, images gathered on the road. This will be working material for the book that will be published by Imagine 2020 in November 2018.

My name is Pieter Van Bogaert. I work as a freelance critic and curator in Brussels. Links to my work can be found on my website: www.amarona.be/p